Original Seasons Disposable Bath Towel Set Travel Kit – 1 PACK


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TRAVE KIT PACKAGE INCLUDES-The Original Seasons travel kit package includes 1 x bath towel and 2 x face towels. The bath towels measures (55.2″ X 27.6″) and two disposable face towels measure (11.81″ x 23.62″). The Bathroom towel set has a fresh and clean appearance every time; single-use ensures sanitary conditions.
DISPOSABLE FACE TOWEL – Original Seasons face towel is much cleaner to dry your face after washing, prevent allergies and reduce skin friction damage. The disposable facial cleansing wipes are not only as good as cotton cloths but also more convenient. Face cotton towels are also used for drying hands, wiping sink and counter, surfaces cleaning, and other general-purpose drying applications.
SINGLE-USE DISPOSABLE TOWELS – Treat your hair and skin with the utmost care by using these super soft and strong dry cleansing luxury bath towels that are perfect for all kinds of cleansing purposes – hair drying, makeup removal, bathing, regular skincare routine, and much more!
LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: The disposable cotton bath towels are made of cotton fiber (three-dimensional intersection spun lace non-woven fabric process). These disposable bath towels are lightweight and easy to carry, so they will not take up space in your suitcase. The bath wipes dry quickly for easy reuse, just throw towel bath out when dirty.
INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: You can use cotton towel indoors such as kitchen, hotel, bathroom, hydrotherapy center, office, and so on. Bathroom towel is also suitable outdoors, for example, travel, camping, similar outdoor activities and business occasions and so forth


Original Seasons travel kit with disposable cotton towels bath are perfect when you need to dry yourself while traveling or when you don’t want to bother with a normal towel. Don’t worry about needing to pack big bulky traditional towels when traveling. Simply use disposable towels for bathroom after showering or washing, or even if you just need to wipe yourself off. If the hair towel gets dirty, simply throw it away. If the luxury towels are wet but still clean, leave them to dry and reuse them again. Our disposable cotton hair towel is designed to have high water absorbency and to be strong and tear resistance when wet for easier drying. The hair towels can easily fold to be stored in pockets or purses. Disposable hand towels are perfect for travel, showering, bathing, hotels, camping, car rides, gyms, pools, and more.


• Original Seasons large disposable towels each size 27.56” x 55.12”
• Disposable bathroom towels have high water absorbency that resists tearing when wet
• Disposable bath wipes can be easily discarded when dirty or dried for reuse
• Each bath cloths disposable easily folds for storage in purses, and bags
• Perfect disposable bathroom hand towels for travel, vacations, hotels, camping, car rides, and other activities


• Material: Cotton Fiber (Spun Lace Non-Woven Fabric Technology)
• Color: White, Blue
• Textile Construction: Thickened EF Pattern Cleansing Cotton Towel for Wet and Dry Use
• Bath Towel Size: 27.56 x 55.12 inches
• Facial Towels Size: 11.81 x 23.62 inches
• Weight: 255g
• Bath + Facial Towel Package Size (inches) : 9” x 6.5” x 1.6”
• Bath + Facial Towel Package Weight : 0.56 Lb
• Suitable for Skin Type: Sensitive, Dry
• Usage: Extractable Packaging
• Quantity: One Bath Towel & Two Facial Wipes
• Shelf Life: 36 Months