Original Seasons Disposable Bath Towel Set Travel Kit – 2 PACK


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+ Thickened EF pattern cleansing cotton towel for wet and dry use
+ Cotton fibre (spunlace non-woven fabric technology)
+ General Person (including pregnant women and babies)
+ One bath towel and two facial towels
+ Bath towel Specification: 27.56 x 55.12 inches
+ Facial towel Specification: 11.81 x 23.62 inches
+ Suitable for skin type: Sensitive, Dry
+ Shelf life: 36 months


+ Double layer cotton design, it can be reused 2-3 times
The thickened high-quality non-woven fabric is like a towel without the trouble of bacterial fouling. It can be used for a variety of purposes and can be used repeatedly.

+ Spunlace non-woven fabric technology, deep cleaning power
The disposable cleansing cotton pads are made by three-dimensional intersection spunlace non-woven fabric process. They are sterilized by ultraviolet rays and dried at high temperature in the fully automatic ste -rile cloth workshop. While ensuring cleansing power, it will not cause additional burden on the skin.

+ Independent dust-proof vacuum packaging
Convenient to use. Health and hygienic. No more worries about the bacteria and mites on traditional towels.

+ Keep away from dirt and avoid cross infection
Say goodbye to the traditional towel. Enjoy the new face washing experience and have your private exclusive towel.

+ Thickened EF patterned cotton towel, more elastic and comfortable
The thickened cotton makes the towel smooth and meticulous with better water absorption. You can dry your body and hair fast easily without leaving any moisture in hair.

+ Strict quality inspection and adhere to international standards, FDA (VCRP), CNAS
Sterilization, no peculiar smell, no added fluorescent agent, double guarantee for you to use at ease.