Original seasons facial tissue pack – women’s all-time reliable companion

Women are known to carry all different kinds of things in their handbags. From necessary to completely unnecessary stuff, there is a lot of truth in the saying that you can find everything in the women’s bag. And although this might be quite true, there is something comforting when you know that when you ask for a somehow strange thing, they will just pull it out of the bag.

An important part of a women’s purse is the makeup bag and all the respective things that come with it. Especially present are the facial tissues and there is absolutely no woman that does not carry this type of product with her.

Facial tissues are one of the most popular makeup and hygiene products that are widely used for all different kinds of needs. Women especially find them useful because they have many different benefits, particularly the ones concerning the efficiency in removing the makeup and keeping the face clean. For a long time, the facial tissues were only a backup solution when women were traveling, going away for the weekend, or just being away from home and they could not bring all the different makeup-removing products with them. However, as the cosmetics and makeup industry developed and changed, facial tissues became more than a backup option. They were redesigned so that they could become a part of a regular skincare routine.

Today, the makeup and the cosmetic industry put a very big accent into advertising and promoting natural beauty. Natural beauty comes from the idea of keeping the most natural look on the face, healthy skin, and makeup that will resemble that look. That is why many makeup and cosmetic products have found their maybe forgotten use in this area. The facial tissues are now a part of something bigger. They are not only disposable handkerchiefs that you used to use to clean your face and mouth after eating. The specific set of ingredients that are highly beneficial for the skin have made them a regular and much-needed part of one woman’s skincare routine, which leads to a clean and fresh look on the face and skin.

Why choose Original Seasons facial tissue packs?

As a brand that specializes in natural beauty and healthcare products, Original Seasons offers luxury facial tissues that deliver an amazing feeling and results on the skin. These fabulous facial tissues will instantly become more than a cosmetic addition to your bag. They will become an inevitable part of your regular daily and night beauty routine, which will most certainly save you the use of many different facial products, and above all, be always with you, no matter where you go. So what makes these facial tissues so unique and one-of-a-kind?

The packaging

There is no way that you will not be attracted and intrigued to see what is hiding inside this luxurious packaging. With a special nod and accent on elegance, classic colors, and clean lines, the packaging of the Original Season facial tissues is elegant and quite extraordinary. The black matte finish of the packaging exceptionally blends with the matte golden letters that present the most important information on the front and the back.

What is inside?

Inside this luxurious packaging, you will not find only basic wet facial tissues. On the contrary, you will find carefully designed and created facial handkerchiefs with the main purpose of cleaning and caring for your face. Mild and suitable for all skin types, these disposable facial tissues will prevent your face from any allergies as well as reduce skin friction damage. They are much more convenient for use than cotton cloths, which makes them a very demanded and popular option.

Made out of 100% cotton fiber, the Original seasons facial tissues are soft, gentle, and light on the skin. When cleaning and wiping your face, you will experience a light and soft feeling, something that other facial tissues do not provide. The designing and manufacturing process includes three-dimensional intersection spun lace, including non-woven fabric, something that is pretty innovative and new in the area of facial tissues.

Benefits to the skin

By using the Original season’s facial tissues, you are choosing to give your skin the best possible care. The novelty in the design is what comes as the biggest and greatest benefit to the skin. The dual purpose of wet and dry cleaning is a revolutionary option that will widen skincare routines and rituals for many women. The dry and wet dual-use are an extraordinary addition to anyone’s skincare approach, no matter if you are looking to use them on your own or with some additional face cleaning product. Without the presence of any chemicals in their ingredients list, these wipes are soft, safe, non-irritant, and easy to use, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Convenient choice

The nice and compact packaging that holds these extraordinary tissues inside does not take any space in your purse or makeup bag, making it even more suitable for carrying it around. It is also a very convenient choice for all those who are frequently traveling and need to have high-quality facial tissues within the reach of their hand. When it is time to freshen up or change the makeup, Original seasons facial tissues will not leave any redness on your face, leaving it burning and looking flushed or irritated. On the contrary, soft cotton will do its work in the best possible way. Leaving clean and clear canvas for your next skincare or beauty steps.

Whether you are looking for a smaller or a bigger packaging, the Original seasons facial tissues come in a pack of 20 or 80 tissues. They will become your reliable companion wherever you go.

Do the best for your skin – choose Original seasons facial tissues!